Our Ethos


GOSTRAY is a new clothing business based in South Wales, UK producing casual cycling clothes that adhere to the needs of a whole range of riders. Anyone looking to go back to basics with their cycling image should start here!

That means we're making a range of casual style cycling clothes, cut to suit a riding position and with all the comfort and practicality of performance cycling garments.

Part of our goal is to unlock the bike as the tool which it was once perceived to be. People are investing heavily in bicycles that they can't even pop to the shops on because they feel self conscious about their cycling 'uniform'.

Us cyclists are great at telling ourselves that we're helping the environment by cycling - but unless we actually use our bikes to replace journeys we'd normal do in the car all we're really achieving is introducing more carbon-fibre into the world... Which is the total opposite of protecting our planet!

Ok, so we could ramble on here about what we believe the future of cycling should look like for days but why not join the discussion yourself by getting involved on social media @GoStrayUK


One final note, our company is still in it's early stages but we're pleased to have been awarded a prestigious place on the ICE50 government funded scheme run by Welsh ICE.

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